Friday, 4 November 2011

Crackle isn't over just yet...

Bored of crackle? Barry M have released a new "Croc Effect" crackle. You apply it over slightly tacky nail polish rather than completely dry, and it takes about 3 minutes for the effect to appear.

It looks quite good, I wont be rushing out for it, but if I happen to see it in the shops I'm sure it might fall into my basket ;)

Have a peek at the video, see what you think:

Is crackle over for you or will you give this a try?

My 31 day challenge post will be up this evening!


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  1. I still love crackles, so I'll probably buy this!

  2. Yeah, I saw this one and was going to buy from the website but the postage wasn't worth it. If I see it on my jollies in my two main shops (you know which ones those are, lol) then I might pick one up x

  3. I am really bored of the crakle but this one may cheer me up again:)


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