Tuesday, 22 November 2011

31 Day Challenge - Day 17 Glitter

Glittah! I have lots of glitter polishes, and I was going to use Wet N Wild Correction tape which I won in a giveaway until I spotted this little beauty. It's just a simple black cream (and a good one-coater for a cheapie polish) but it has a little pot of silver holo glitter in the lid, with a shaker. I just painted each nail, shook the glitter over the wet polish and then top coated it and tada! Glittah herpes!

Blurry holo!

Easy and effective mani that got lots of compliments and matched the top I was wearing today, win! Word to the wise - put newspaper down and don't use your favourite topcoat unless you don't mind getting the odd bit of loose glitter in it!

Half moons tomorrow.

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  1. Ooh lovin' this - very pretty - can never resist a bit of sparkle :)



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