Monday, 14 November 2011

31 Day Challenge day 10 - gradient...and a sob story


Today I have my gradient to show you, and I usually love doing gradients. But Saturday I suffered a tragedy and broke a nail right down. It was my left ring finger and while those nails generally grow pretty fast it was too far down and I chopped the rest off to match :( Can I just say I HATE thse nubbins. I know my nails aren't exactly talons but they look horrid and it depressed me all weekend. AND then I had what we shall refer to as a hair dye "incident" yesterday and ended up dying my hair day-glo-orange. This resulted in a 6am trip to tesco this morning, under cover of darkness and avec hat to restore it to brown. So this morning I am thanking the goddess Garnier and praying to the god of nail-growth...

Anyway, onto my gradient., gradient nails on nubbins are not very exciting. This was pretty, but it would have looked so much nicer if my nails were a little longer. I used a prettyful red from Beauty UK Midnight Minx set that I won from Sarah Louise's giveaway (thank you!) as the base. Just one coat and it was perfect. I heart Beauty UK. Then I sponged China Glaze Ruby Pumps 2/3 of the way down and did the tips in Barry M Red Glitter. I might do this again closer to Chrimbo, and do some xmas inspired stamping (with the new plates I also won!)

Sad little nubbins

So, now I have a dilemma. Attempt the patterns section of the challenge on stubby nails or pop some falsies on? I've not worn falsies for a long long time. They wouldn't be acrylics, just glue-on ones that would give me a bit of length to play with. There are positives and negatives to this option - I will get some length, and it will protect my nails underneath, but the glue also damages my natural nails and get in the way of real life a bit. I have everything I need - tips, glue, non-acetone remover etc, but do I take the plunge? Advice please!

What do you do when you get a bad break?

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  1. Hi! Love your blog.
    I've never commented before but this site saved my life (or at least my thumbnail!) last night.
    I have really long nails and I've now managed to repair the start of a break near the nail line in an hour and it's still holding up after 18 hours!
    And I would say hold off on the falsies, your nails look lovely as they are. I used false tips a few weeks ago when I broke off both thumbnails in one night, and I'm attributing this break to the condition they left my nails in.


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