Friday, 18 November 2011

31 Day Challenge - Day 13, Animal print

Day 13 of the challenge is Animal Print, but I've done leopard and zebra before, both freehand and with stamping. So I chose an awesome pattern from a Bundle Monster plate - snakeskin! I used MUA Shade 23 for the base - an army green. I usually really like MUA polish - for just £1 you can't beat it but I had issues with this one. The formula was great but the brush I had was scratchy and uneven. This meant that when I applied the second coat, no matter how dry the first coat was it scratched a big groove down the whole nail. Annoying! A coat of Seche sorted it thankfully, and then I was onto the stamping.

I used Miss Sporty New Black, a pretty shimmery grey (which I need a back-up of...) and a silver metallic stamping polish which I won from Sarah Louise at Spellbinding Nails' giveaway (are you sick of hearing about it yet?). What a difference a specific stamping polish makes! Honestly, this was the best polish I have ever used for stamping, and it's making me want to invest in some Konad special polishes, or at least black and white. This one is from Fab Ur Nails shop, I also got a metallic purple and blue and they have a huge range of colours at really great prices. They also have holo and magnetic polish, and stamping plates too so check them out. I used the Miss Sporty first, and then the silver on top. You can't see the grey behind the silver very much, but it did give it more texture and depth.

If I do this again I might use the grey on top of the silver instead. Or I might use gold. I just need to find me a good gold stamping polish...this could get expensive...

Flowers tomorrow - this didn't survive cleaning the bathroom this morning...

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  1. I've used the new Barry M nail silver foil effect polish to stamp and it was amazing! They have a gold that will probably be amazing for stamping too :)

  2. Love this stamp. I've had problems with the same MUA polish, they seem to be pretty hit or miss.


  3. oh wow, this is absolutely st7nning, could be mistaken for minx nails! xx


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