Friday, 4 November 2011

31 Day Challenge day 4 - green!

Onto day 4, and it's green nails. I have a few greens in my untrieds and I went for Suzi Takes the Wheel from O.P.I's 2011 fall collection. According to Scrangie it's "a very, very grey light green" and I think it's super pretty. It's warm, which suits me, and has satisfied my craving for Essie Da Bush. This is two coats plus Seche, although it was super shiny on it's own, and there is a little bald patch on my left index finger so I should have done 3 coats. Shhh, I wont tell if you don't....

Do you like it? I am really growing to love murkey shades like this. Give me a dusty purple or a muddy red over a neon anyday :)

I've not got a nail wheel of greens today, I probably only have around 8-10 greens, but I quickly compared Suzi Takes the Wheel to two other similar colours in my collection, Models Own Grace Green and MUA Shade 23. Definitely not dupes, but I also definitely don't need all three!

Off to do my blue nails for tomorrow - it's a sparkly one!


P.S I won an awesome giveaway, I'm so happy! If you don't follow Spellbinding Nails go and check her out, she's a sweetheart!
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  1. I do really like the grey shade in the top couple of pictures, would be great with some glitter over the top too. Oooh well done on winning a giveaway. x

  2. This is lovely. And I agree with Nicole, I'd love to see this with glitter over it. Congrats on your win too.


  3. Wow you won?!! Congrats, SarahLou does the best mani's and giveaways!!
    I'm not into those colours-they get lost on me (my complexion is probably like Alicia Keys...but I'm not as gorge!)
    Looks great on you though x


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