Wednesday, 2 November 2011

31 day challenge day 2 - orange!

Day 2 on the 31 day challenge is orange nails. I didn't know what to do so I recreated a mani that I did before but didn't get to post about before it chipped beyond repair. I used 2 coats of Collection 2000 281 - one of their old polishes that sometimes comes up in a set on ebay. I got this in a set of three but it was this one I wanted as all my oranges were cremes and this is a shimmer. It's opaque in 2 coats - which is surprising because it looks sheer, but the brush I got is jacked up! I mean, seriously beyond repair screwed! Surprisingly thoough, it didn't give me any application issues! The wide splay of the bristles meant I could cover my nails in one stroke and the only issue I had was with getting the brush back in the bottle without splaying the bristles further. I then sponged Nubar 2010 on the tips for to make it prettyful.

Jacked up brush is jacked up.

I also swatched the rest of my orange/peach/coral polishes onto a nailwheel (don't worry I wont do this with every challenge!) Some of them look pinker than they are in person, but trust me they are orange!

1. Maybelline Forever Stong Orange Couture, 2. Sinful Colors Hazard, 3. Rimmel I <3 Lasting Fix Fruities Apricot Punch

4. Natural Collection Antique Coral, 5. Nails Inc for Instyle Candy Orange, 6. Nails Inc Atomic 

Sorry this one's blurry my camera freaked out. 7. Nails Inc Copacabana, 8. Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fruit Salad, 9. Collection 2000 281

10. Collection 2000 279 (3), 11. COllection 2000 59 (3), 12. Barry M Peach Melba (3)

No dupes I'm happy to report, and the ones that are close have different finishes - creme, shimmer etc. I don't think I need any more orange polish though, especially as I don't wear it very often. The first one I got was the first Maybelline on the wheel and it is my least favourite. The second to last Collection 2000 could have possibly gone on my pink wheel, but as it's peachy pink I'll let it slide. It is very sheer though, best for layering or grannies...

What do you think of orange nails?

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  1. It's pretty, i like the sponging over the top. I've never tried that!


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