Friday, 27 May 2011


So, while I've been on a no-buy I've been trying to go through all the untrieds I had in my collection. Well, I counted them up today expecting to have made a dent, but no, there are still 36 polishes I have bought and never tried. Thats about a third of my collection. So, here are some pictures of the polishes I have but have never tried and hopefully you can help me think of ways to use them. Some of them have been used in nail art, as part of a skittles mani or as a pedi, but never a full mani.

Please excuse the mess and the small child in the background...

(On the back row are glitters and top coats)

I know they're not great pictures, but you can get a fell for the colours I've picked up. If there are any you'd like to know the names of ask in the comments! But what I'd really like is some inspiration, to gear me into using these polishes before I buy more...I know my collection is pretty modest compared to some (98 polishes I think), but it's so naughty to buy more when I have these sitting untried in a drawer...

Is there anything you'd like to see? I'm up for pretty much anything...

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  1. The bright blue (white cap) in the front row looks very pretty! I'd love to see that swatched.

  2. may be something with the blues like polka dots in different blue shades?

  3. Try a giraffe design with the browns you have !

  4. Thanks guys, great ideas! I'm going to try one tonight...


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