Saturday, 28 May 2011

Manicures Mattefied

While you're reading this I will most probably be watching my best friend walk down the aisle! It should be me *sob*. Ahem, anyway...

If my manicure doesn't get completely destroyed after a day or so of wear (which is usually the case) I like switching it up a bit, usually by adding a topcoat. Matte topcoat is perfect for this because it dries mega fast and gives a really pretty finish, like softly frosted glass. Here are some of the manicures I've mattefied recently.

These are all manis I've posted, so you should be able to find them if you want, or ask if you want to know any of the polishes used :) Notice that the index finger is missing on most of them...guess which nail chips the most...

The matte TC is use is by Boots 17 Nail Xtras and I think it's priced around £3.99. There are lots of them on the market though, Rimmel do one, as well as E.L.F, and China Glaze, and I'm sure there are more.

One thing I've learned about matte TC's is that if your manicure has more than one colour you will need a good regular top coat before you use the matte one because it will smear otherwise. I learnt this when I mattefied my tiger print mani and it smeared even through a layer of Seche Vite. A TC is a good idea for durability anyway because the matte coat wont add any protection to your polish.

What do you do to make your manicures last longer? How quickly do you get bored? I must say my boredom threshold is veeery low these da...oh look, a kitty...

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  1. They're all so gorgeous . I just love matte manicures .

  2. I love the top left green picture! Looks lovely. My matte top coat always gives the illusion of being dry then 2hrs later it smudges all the way up my nail, and for that reason I rarely wear matte nails! I get bored so fast it's awful, it's rare that I wear a polish for 2 days! Haha. In response to your comment on Peach Melba, I think it's available from the Barry M website! xxx


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