Tuesday, 31 May 2011

NOTD - Miss Sporty Pop Fiction

Hullo! My wish came true (for once) and we have some sunshine, which makes my dodgy photos slightly less less poo. Today I have to show you, at the request of Minty from Haute Laquer (check out her awesomesauce) another Miss Sporty polish. Most of the Miss Sporty's I've picked up are thick and highly pigmented, so they're good for stamping (although unfortunately the silver wasn't, but it's still pretty). I bought this one a while ago and it's been on my toes but not my fingers so I decided it's time had come! And then because I seem to be all about the accent fingers at the moment I used an un-named Image polish I got from Wilkinson over the ring fingers and thumb, then went back to the Miss Sporty (which is named on the website but not the bottle...) and stamped a little dolphin design from my Born Pretty Hello Kitty (I'm a poet and I didn't know it) plate. Here's how it came out.

First two in sunshine

 And two in shade to see the stamping a bit better.

Both polishes applied well, the Miss Sporty brush is great, flat and rounded and perfect for clumsy buggers like me. 2 thin coats, although 1 thick would be ok too. The Image polish I expected to sheer as tan tights so I layered it over 1 coat of the MS, but it actually wasn't too bad therefore I reckon 2 coats of that on it's own would be fine. Topped with Seche because I wanted it to dry quick and I can't find my NYC quick dry topper...

You may have noticed I'm trying a squarer shape on my nails (apart from my index which cracked vertically one day last week hence it looks like I was drunk when I filed it) and I really like it. I was wondering however, is this shape harder to maintain and more prone to breakage?

I was also wondering if you would be interested in seeing my etchings make-up collection? I'm about to re-organise it, hopefully sometime this week and although it's very modest compared to some I love seeing what other people own and would like to share mine too :)

Of course, tomorrow is Wednesday so this mani will be changed to something pink this evening I think. Maybe I'll just go for something plain for a while, as I have two important meetings over the next few days. But then again, I may not...

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  1. Such a lovely accent nail !!

  2. I like the stamping!

    I would love to see your makeup collection--peeking into other peoples stuff is fun. :)

  3. Hey! I recently squared off my nails which had been an oval shape for years and haven't had a breakage yet!!! I find them really easy to maintain and I think they look so much neater now! Yours look great squares off!!

    Re using Miss Sporty polishes for stamping, can you let me know which ones work well? I have a metallic gold and also a kind of pinky/purple metallic which both work, but the blue metallic one I bought doesn't work :(


    Emma x

  4. @Lenae, thanks :)

    @KarenD thanks for the franken advice, and I think I will post my make-up stuff over the weekend...I think...

    @Emma If the pinky/purply metallic is the same one I have then yes, it is good for stamping. The silver I got works but is quite sheer. I'll have to swatch the other few I have and let you know :) And Miss Sporty polishes are two for £1.99 in Superdrug at the moment ;)


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