Friday, 6 May 2011

NOTD - Freebie Friday, InStyle Nails Inc Electric Teal

As promised, I've swatched one of the InStyle Nails Inc polishes, Electric Teal. As I said yesterday, I've always found Nails Inc a bit of a PITA to apply, and this was no exception. Although at £11 a pop I've only ever tried the freebies, so maybe their regular range is better, I don't know. This was two gloopy coats, I wasn't going to go for three in case I ruined it. The first coat looked like I'd been using tippex but the second more or less evened it out. The brush is rubbish and I don't know if it's because of the wide cap but when you shake the bottle (which you need to often because of the gloopyness) the cap fills up with polish and flood everywhere. ARGH. And the name annoys me, it's more of a racing green than teal, they clearly only called it that so they could play on words with electric teal/eel. /endrant.

I was quite pleased with the result though, it's a colour I've got nothing similar to and because it's thicker it might be good for stamping? I'm having trouble finding polishes that work for stamping without drying too quickly...but that can wait for another day...

Here are the pics, 2 coats plus Seche Vite (incidently the drying time wasn't too bad for such a gloopy polish)

The gold flakie bits on the ring finger are the remains of a decal that fell apart when I put the top coat on... but it did inspire me to add some gold glitter in the form of W7 Gold Dazzle this morning.

What do you think, better with or without the glitter? I'm undecided...

So, should you buy this month's InStyle to get this polish? Well, if you don't mind paying £3.70 for a polish that's a bit rubbish, then yes. The colour is pretty unique, I think, but there are plenty of better, and cheaper, polishes to spend your money on.

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