Friday, 20 May 2011

Enamel Girl's anniversary giveaway and apology...

Just a quick note to let you know about Enamel Girl's anniversary giveaway There are two awesome prizes to chose from!
You have until June 10th to enter! Good luck!

I also have to hold my hand up and admit to a little whoopsie.  at My Nailz and Jen at Nail Polish UK have both said they have problems with commenting on my blog sometimes because of the captcha image. If I'm honest I didn't think I had the captcha turned on (when I comment I don't have to enter one, but obviously it's my own blog...). I thought I'd fixed it the other day, but apparently I hadn't, so now I turned the captcha off completely. So hopefully now you wont have any problems and you can comment to your hearts content! Please. Seriously, please comment. It makes me feel less lonely inside....

Joking aside *ahem* if you still get problems PLEASE let me know! My email is in the about me box or you can tweet me @HellBellUk

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  1. I thought I'd leave a comment to make you feel less lonely... :P

  2. Hurrah! Don't apologise to US. You're the one who lost out. Coz I would have left more witty and insightful comments to delight you... ;0)


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