Tuesday, 17 May 2011

NOTD - Nubar 2010 french

Hi everyone,

I've sorted my laptop issues (for now) by plugging it into an external monitor. Kind of defeats the object of a laptop but it's better than nothing...

After the in your face bright polish I wore over the weekend yesterday I wanted something more subtle. I decided to go for a french mani, but used Nubar 2010 as the top coat for a bit of sparkle. I love how it turned out :)

I applied my basecoat (Sally Hansen Maximum Growth) and let it dry completely before using nail tip guides to mark off the tips (I got mine from ebeast for about £2 for 400, but most french manicure kits come with a few). Mine are very sticky and even though I put them on my trousers first to take off some of the stick, it still pulled my basecoat up on a couple of nails, so I did another coat of base before adding 2 coats of 2010.

I think it's a very understated look, and a perfect palate cleanser. I will definitely do this again sometime, using the various topcoats I've accumulated whenever I need a break from tons of colour!

I will, however, be going back to colour tonight as tomorrow is Pink Wednesday and I'm getting the fauxnads out again! By the way, does the word "fauxnad" make anyone else snigger a bit? No? Just me then....

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