Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Almost too gay to function...

Happy Pink Wednesday!

I recently got some nail art stickers free from Born Pretty Store and as soon as they arrived I knew they'd be perfect for a pink Wednesday :) If you haven't tried Born Pretty yet, well, why not? They have great products at great prices, often have competitions and give-aways, and FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! I got my fauxnads from there, on sale for $1.55 each - that's about a pound in British money. They're about $3 now, but still pocket money prices, and you can get as much or as little as you like because there's FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

With this particular giveaway you could chose between Hello Kitty nail stickers or Chanel-looking ones. I'm not one for emblazoning a brand name all over my person, so I went for the cute kitty ones.

So, for this mani I used two coats of Barry M Strawberry Icecream as the base because I thought that would be the closest match I had to the colour of the stickers. It is a pretty good match, although I think the colour on the nail is a little cooler. But meh, I'm not fussy. Then to try to match the shimmery glitter on the sticker I added a coat of George at Asda Pink Glitz, a really pretty sheer shimmer, the particles in it almost look like teeny tiny flakies. In hindsight, I have another glitter topcoat closer to the glitter on the sticker, but I really like this George one and I hadn't used it, so now it can be moved from the untried box. Once that was dry (with the help of stinky Seche Vite) I used tip guides to add black french tips, then the stickers and another coat of Seche to seal it all.

Forewarning: In these pictures my cuticles are disgraceful, my skin is horrendous, I didn't clean up properly and because the baby isn't sleeping well (2am is not playtime) and had to be settled while it was drying there is fluff in there too. Also, I didn't realise until this morning but the seche dragged the tip colour a teeny bit so there are streaks. In other words, if you're of a sensitive nature and have just eaten lunch, don't look.

Index finger cropped out of shot because I broke it and it's wonky...

How super-awkward is it to take photos with your non-dominant hand?
Can just about see the wonky index. Grrr.
Products used L-R Sally Hansen miracle Growth, Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, George Pink Glitz, Wet n Wild Shine Black Creme, Seche Vite.

So, that's my pink Wednesday for another week :) The wedding I'm going away to is on Saturday and I probably wont get time to change my nails until Friday night now, unless this mani gets completely disgusting then I'll do something simple tomorrow night. I'll schedule a post for Saturday, but wont be back until Monday! See you soon x
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