Wednesday, 18 May 2011

NOTD - Er, peachy nude Wednesday?

So I messed up. I thought this mani would come out more pink but it didn't. I guess I can't sit with you guys today...

3 coats of 17 Supreme Shine in Bared plus stamping from Born Pretty fauxnad M65 with E.L.F Mod Mauve (great for stamping btw), plus Seche Vite.

The rarely seen right hand...

My stamping non-skillz are getting better. Although I still can't get the flower pattern from M65 to stamp properly :( And I REALLY want to use it for the mani for the wedding I'm going to :(

One more thing, can anyone recommend a silver polish that's easily available in the UK and isn't too pricey that's good for stamping?

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  1. Nice combination even if it didn't turn out as pink as you'd planned.

  2. Very nice hun, glad to see you're using E.L.F to stamp with too!
    Ooooo.. I wonder if Miss Sporty have a silver?

  3. @KarenD Thanks!

    @Trix they do, in their clubbing colours range. It's a gun-metal kinda silver called Metallic Crystal according to their website :) I'm going to look for it this afternoon...yes I know I'm on a no-buy until after I go away but i need a silver stampy polish for the wedding I'm going away for! Teehee any excuse...


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