Friday, 20 May 2011

NOTD - Barry M Nail Effects Blue

What with O.P.I bringing out their silver shatter and red and white ones with their Glam Slam (I think that's what it's called) collections, and 3 different blue shatters, they are everywhere at the moment. All the kewl kidz are doing it, so I thought I'd join them. Seeing as my (W7) silver shatter met my slate kitchen floor and it's untimely demise I went for Barry M Nail Effects in blue (they also do black, pink and white) over Rimmel I <3 lasting finish in Your Majesty. It took me an age to decide what to layer this over and swatched a couple of options on paper, only to find it looked disgusting over purple, not great over red and the contrast when it was over blue (Barry M cobalt) wasn't enough for me, so I went for silver. The shatter dries darker than it looks in the bottle, so as it's a mid-blue you either need a really dark blue or a really light one if you wanted an all-blue mani. this is base coat, 2 coats of silver, a coat of crackle and 2 of topcoat (NYC as Seche is giving me major headaches, and as the crackle dries quickly you don't need a quick dry TC, just a thick one to even it out a bit).

Broke my index and middle finger nails...well actually I hacked them with a potato peeler...
 The blue crackle has stained my cuticle a bit by the looks of it...
The formula on the Barry M is a little thinner than their black crackle, which is a good thing. It's easier to control and you get a little 'play time' before it dries completely so if you mess up you can (very quickly) go over it again with the brush while it's still wet. I thought I'd messed up my right index finger but I salvaged it. It dries matte, which I don't mind, but for lasting power I added TC, and so far today it's lasting well. I got some compliments on it at playgroup this morning too :) I really like this combo and hope it lasts a few days. It's a fairly quick mani to do, especially if you use a fast dry base colour, so after spending hours playing with stamping the last few days it was refreshing to just relax and still have a stunning mani.

I have another blog award to post about, and there's and ABC thing doing the rounds which looks like fun, so  see you soon!

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  1. I L-O-V-E that color combination! Blue is my favorite color to wear on nails. Great manicure!

    P.S. I gave you a blog award! I hope you don't mind if I post the link:

  2. Loving this! I tried it over Barry M Fuschia.. it was a bit of an eyesore tbh, but I posted it.
    I find, the thicker you put it on, the larger the cracks are. :D


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