Wednesday, 4 May 2011

"Shut up!"..."I didn't say anything..."

You know what day it is...Pink Wednesday!

Today I decided to try something fun. I alternated white and pink polish on my nails, then alternated pink and white crackle polishes. I used Collection 2000 Manicure 5 day wear in French white with Barry M Nail Effects 111 (their pink crackle) on my little finger, middle finger and thumb on my left hand, and Barbara Daly Think Pink with W7 Earthquake White on the ring and index fingers. I reversed the order on my right hand.

My application was sloppy, I know (and by the time I took the pictures about 12 hours after I painted them it had already chipped). I didn't let the colours underneath dry completely so when I applied the crackle it "pulled" the base with it, making the previously opaque base colour sheer and patchy. The white crackle also made the colour underneath more blue, but I'm not sure if it was the polish or the fact that it wasn't completely dry (also the Barbara Daly polish is really chalky, and the crackle on top made that worse - it was a pretty good colour match to the Barry M crackle in my test).

I'm going to try this again with the black and white crackles, and maybe black and silver and blue and white - if I can find a good colour match to the Barry M blue crackle and W7 silver crackle. It was fun giving this a go - from a distance you can't really tell the difference, but up close you can, which I like. I don't know, simple things please simple minds, and all that...

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  1. That's brilliant! Such a nice idea to give your mani a twist :)

  2. Yeah, I thought of doing this (honest, I so did) but I'm not sure if it makes much difference. Maybe I will have a go. Using different colours obviously. Don't want to be a copycat!


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