Sunday, 15 May 2011

NOTD - semi-successful Konad YAY

On Friday night I painted my nails with a bright coral Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours polish (they have numbers not names and I can't find the bottle now to tell you the number *insert rolling eyes smiley*). The polish applied well, two coats sorted any streakyness, although the second coat dragged a little, but that may have been impatience on my part. It is sooo pigmented so very thick, but not gloopy and it has a great brush so that I could cover my nails in one or two strokes. LOVE these polishes. I with they did more colours. My camera kinda freaked out a bit at the colour, but the direct sun pic is most colour accurate.

 Direct sun, wowzers

I loved the colour and I think it actually suited me, but I wanted so badly to do a mani with a full nail stamp and thought it would make a great base. I used my Born Pretty fauxnad plate M69 and the animal print pattern (not sure which animal - zebra? tiger?) with Wet N Wild Shine Black Creme. 

Now, just a warning, I know probably most of you will think this is a big ole fail, and there are elements I know need improving. I missed the edges on a couple of nails, there are a few bare patches, where I double stamped on the thumb it doesn't quite line up and it's a bit smudgy on the right hand (not shown). BUT I guess yesterday I was in a glass half full kinda mood and it's a hellovalot better than anything I've managed before! And you really can't tell from a distance...

Do you like how I matched the watermark HA!

I used a little trick I blogged about here and it's seems to have helped. I didn't want to ruin my stamper so just ran a blunt-ish emery board over it lightly a few times and it picked up the polish so much better. I tried using the Wet n Wild Black Creme with another stamp and it didn't work then, but there were only a couple of times that the image didn't pick up while doing this. So now I just need to practice! I'm going to wedding in a few weeks and I'd like to stamp a floral pattern over O.P.I Parlez-vous O.P.I? in silver for it, so I'll give that a go next.

I chipped the index fingers moving furniture around yesterday so I either need to take it off or modify it somehow tips maybe?

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  1. Tempting me with your coral-y hotness! Hellfire. Want to go to Boots now!

    Oh, try Wing It like you suggested. I think from memory WI is a bit less sheer than Piggy but give anything a go, why dontcha.

  2. Don't do it! Be strong!

    Yeah, Wing It was super sheer on me, took 7ish coats and still VNL city, so will try it when I run out of the untrieds...which wont happen anytime soon...

  3. such a nice colour though :O 7 coats?


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