Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Off-topic Tuesday - All I Want for Christmas...

Hey loves!

I have to admit I'm not one to get overly excited about Christmas. It was never a huge occasion when I was growing up, but now my boys are getting older and getting into the magic of it all I'm looking forward to making it special for them. It's been a difficult year for me, and things are still up in the air, and as it happens I might not even get to spend Christmas with them so Mr NN prompted me to think about a few things I might like to receive and I thought I'd share them with you! I hate to say it, but although he has my best interests at heart he usually gets it hopelessly wrong, so this year I will be directing him to this Pinterest board I created (and will be adding to over the next few weeks) and downloading the Pinterest ap to his phone!

My number one want is a nice coffee machine. I've had my eye on a Tassimo since they came out, and now that they do Costa coffee pods that's pretty much sealed the deal for me! I do love a kitchen gadget and this would make a lovely addition to my kitchen counter.

As you would expect, there are a few beauty bits and bobs on my list, and the original Urban Decay Naked palette tops it. I have a love of eyeshadow palettes, and would love to invest in a few higher end ones, and where better to start?

Every year, Soap and Glory have a lovely range of giftsets at Boots, and one is usually reduced to half price for a week. I don't know which is this years bargain set this year, but what ever it is I'd be happy to find it under my tree come Christmas day.

Christmas isn't Christmas without a new perfume, and this year two I'm loving are Calvin Klein Euphoria and Dior Miss Dior. I received a sample of Miss Dior recently and fell in love with it, although it's nothing like my usual scent. It has a sort of powdery, floral note to it but I think that it makes a great day time fragrance. A cheaper, and completely different alternative is Euphoria, more fruity and musky.

I've wanted to try the iconic Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser for a while, and what better way than with a mini set hidden inside a star shaped bauble! So cute.

I couldn't leave nail polish off my list and this year China Glaze wins the battle of the Christmas collections for me (sorry OPI, Mariah just doesn't do it for me). I'd be happy with either of these cute giftsets.

I've talked about my love of Yankee Candles before, but I usually only buy the wax tarts or samplers, very occasionally a small jar but I've now found a fragrance I love and a large jar (at around £18) would be a worthwhile investment. I love the spice in Vanilla Chai, not too strong and not too sweet. It smells completely different unmelted compared to lit so don't let the curry like, cold smell put you off!

A boring one, but I didn't want to over look it as I need a new dressing gown! I think I might ask my Mum for this one, she's good at choosing things like that!

And last but not least, this would be a real treat. I love musicals, and I would LOVE to go and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal in London. I saw a documentary about it recently and it just looks magical. My Mum would love it too.

Of course, the thing I want the most is to just be with my boys on Christmas day. I would quite happily give anything, anything at all to just be able to see them open their presents and spoil them rotten. Nothing else matters.

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