Wednesday, 13 November 2013

33 Day Challenge day 23 - Geometric!


I'll admit right off the cuff that I was stumped with this challenge. The last time I did a challenge that involved geometric nails, they turned out so good I didn't think I could top it. And I was right. In the end I went with some simple stamping, albeit in holo (is that the nail-bloggers version of technicolour?) so I hope you'll forgive me! I had intended to make a decal of the image, and infill some of the negative spaces, but I ran out of time for that too. Still, it's pretty! I used Born Pretty's orange holo (it's not named, but is number 5 if you're interested) and stamped with Color Club Revvvolution and Pueen 36. And of course it was the dreariest day evah so pictures are taken under my bright kitchen halogens and with flash. Can you say sausage fingers?

Sorry that was a bit of a lame effort! I promise to try harder, Scouts honour!


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