Friday, 15 November 2013

33 Day Challenge Day 24 - most owned colour!

Hi again!

Today's prompt was to feature the colour you have the most of, and I think mine is either pink or purple. So I went for a compromise and settled for lilac (plus the two gorgeous base colours were sat in my untrieds, all lonely and unloved!) I used Face of Australia (a lovely gift) in Castle on a Cloud - a really pretty soft lilac with subtle shimmer and paired it with Emily de Molly Simplicity (perfection in a 12ml bottle). Then I added Color Club Diamond Drops to my pointer and some silver and white stripes with Barry M nail art pens to my pinky and middle fingers and tada! My topcoat bubbled a bit so don't look too close...

I do love a bit of a skittle!

Check out the other ladies taking part!

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