Saturday, 23 July 2011

NOTD - Beauty UK Soft Grey + W7 Earthquake Red

Woohoo red shatter! Ok, so it's not OPI, but I don't care, I wanted red for a while but no-one seemed to be doing one. Then I came across this by accident really on my favourite cheapie polish site Faith Cosmetics and ordered it instantly. In fact I ordered two, more on that later...

Now the formula on this is odd. If you look in the bottle you can see lumps, like lumpy custard. Ew. But give it a good shake and it's fine...for about 30 seconds before the lumps are back. But being a textured finish it doesn't matter if you get a small lump on the nail, which I did, and in fact you couldn't see it at all when all was said and done. So here it is! I layered it over beauty UK soft grey, which is still gorgeous, applies like buttah and is just lovely. (Check here for a swatch by yours truly).

I did a fairly thin coat of crackle on most nails for thin cracks, but experimented with thicker ones on the thumb and little finger.

Trying to show my right hand more as my nails are better at the moment on my right hand! And I love my enormous amber ring :)

W7 have now got about 10 crackle polishes in their Earthquake range. I also have their white crackle (and I did have the silver, but it met my kitchen floor and had an unfortunate end) and have found them all good. They're priced at £2.99ish on Faith Cosmetics with free shipping, and about the same on Amazon, or you can get packs of them which works out a little cheaper. Or if you're lucky you might win one in my 100 follower giveaway! Only 4 followers until I get there :)

I think next time I use this polish I'll go for a white base, maybe Beauty UK Frozen Kingdom. What would you layer it over? If only someone would do a green shatter I think my collection would be complete...Models Own?

In other news, my toe nails are blue and floral at the moment...very unusual for me...stay tuned for that!

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