Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pink Wednesday - Strawberry nails!

I am a bit sad because last week I missed pink Wednesday for the first time since I started blogging! I still wore pink last Wednesday but because of my puter issues I didn't get to post it. I'll save it to show you another time maybe...I didn't like it much anyway...

This week I LOVE my pink Wednesday manicure! Maybe it's because it'snot actually all that pink...but the accent nail is so it still counts. I hope you're ready for a LOT of stamping posts from me - I finally got the first set of Bundle Monster plates! I love them so much and I already want the second set :) The first mani I did was with some of the star patterns (which I'll show you tomorrow) but then as soon as I took that off I went for the strawberries! The beautiful Grace from Oooooh Pretty inspired me with her version, but I kept it to just an accent nail and did a few things differently.

The red I used for the stamping and the majority of nails is Miss Sporty Red Tango, which is quite a vampy red that stamps really well and is opaque in 2 coats. On the ring finger and thumb I used 3ish coats of Essie Luscious Lips (are all Essie brushes really stiff and thin? And are all the polishes rather runny? I know I'm cack handed but even with thin coats it pooled terribly) and stamped the strawberry from BM05 randomly.

Rare sighting of the right hand...

Loving this :) Super cute and super easy. I'm finding these BM plates a lot easier to use than my fauxnads. Thinking of treating myself to a Konad special white polish...and maybe the new plates...

While I think of it, my base coat is running out and I'm on the hunt for a new one. I'd like one to help with my terrible peeling nails if anyone has and recomendations? I'm currently using Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Program, and it has made my nails grow better, but they still peel quite badly. I'm also considering a gripper base coat, like Orly Bonder or CND Stickey - anyone given them a go? Also, would I be able to use the anti-peeling base under the grippy one, or would that defeat the object? So many questions!

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