Monday, 25 July 2011

NOTD - Cherries!

Hi! Just a quick post to show you the nails I created today for the facebook group Polish-aholics Anonymous, which I joined ages ago but never plucked up the courage to post anything or join in the chat! I don't know why, I'm so lame when it comes to things like that. Anyway, every Monday the members have the opportunity to do a themed mani, and this weeks theme was fruit. I had the idea for this manicure in my head for a while, so I thought I'd grab the bull by the horns and give it a try. So glad I did! The colours I used were Barry M Berry Ice Cream as the base, 17 Fast Finish Ruby Dazzle for the cherries (with a dotting tool) and Barry M Spring Green for the stalks (with an old eyeliner brush). Topped with Seche.

Really simple and I love it. I posted it in the group and got some lovely comments too :) My two index fingers (which both have bad splits) chipped really badly throughout today, and usually I would take the whole mani off and do something different, but I just took the polish off the chipped fingers and redid them, that's how much I love it!

One last thing before I go to bed, I've made it to 100 followers! I am absolutely amazed that people want to look at my carcrash nails and read my unfunny ramblings, so thank you! I want to get a couple more polishes to add, and then hopefully my giveaway will be up tomorrow evening, or Wednesday morning. Thank you again! And if you follow me and I haven't followed you back (I do try to, but blogger doesn't co-operate most of the time sometimes) then please email or tweet me your links, the details are in the "Contact" tab above.

Night loves, today has been a  good day for me, I hope it has been kind to you too :)

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  1. These are just soo precious !

  2. They look great! Well done for plucking up the courage to post in the group :)

    Congratulations on all the followers! Looking forward to your giveaway.. :)


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