Thursday, 21 July 2011

NOTD - Natural Collection Topaz + Stamping

Well, this mani turned out as a semi fail, and I lay the blame completely on the Natural Collection polish. I'm so disappointed, I had high hopes for this polish (even though it's lain untried for months...) The bottle shows a gorgeous pearly blue but on the nail the blue disappears and you're left with a bubbly, brush-strokey mess. Boo. I have another Natural Collection polish, Raspberry (which I blogged about when I was starting out but the pics are too awful to link to, you can look back if you want a laugh) and I loved it. I would say you can't win them all and these polishes are less than £2, but so are Beauty UK and MUA polishes...

Anyway, once this hot mess was dry I stamped stars over it using Miss Sporty Hypnotic Turquoise and two of the first Bundle Monster plates, BM05 and BM20. It's a subtle look, over powered by the mega-pearly Natural Collection I think, but I'll try it again, with a different base colour.

So pretty in the bottle. On the nail, ew. Look at the mess that's the middle finger!

What do you think? Are you a pearl finish lover or hater? Any polishes, cheap or otherwise, that have let you down this badly? So sad it's not prettier :(

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  1. I don't think that this is ugly . I think that it brings just a beautiful wash of color on the nail .

  2. The base just wasn't what I wanted it to be :( Nevermind!

  3. Totally disagree.. However I brought mine quite recently so maybe its been redeveloped..I absolutely love this product it does need 2coats plus but for me thats the only downfall


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