Saturday, 16 July 2011

NOTD - Beauty UK Smoky Lilac + floral nail art

Sorrysorrysorry! I know I promised I'd post more this week, but I'd totally forgotten that my Mum was coming to stay, so I had to get the house ship shape, and yesterday was my baby's first birthday! We had a barbeque and little party planned for today, and of course it's monsoon weather. So instead of making hand-made burgers I thought I'd show you this mani, although I wore it last weekend.

This is Beauty UK Smoky Lilac, a dusty purple that is so delicate and gorgeous, and went so well with the floral accent nails. I used three coats of Smoky Lilac on all nails apart from ring and thumb, which I used 3 coats of Collection 2000 French White. I did the flowers by swirling OPI Parlez Vous OPI? with some more white and using a dotting tool, then added the leaves with 2True Fast Dry shade 4.

It really was a soft and pretty manicure :)

I have lots and lots of things to play with and show you over the next few days! I won two giveaways so have pretty polishes and some fimo canes to play with, and I treated myself to the old set of Bundle Monster stamping plates. Can't wait!

I'm also just 7 followers from 100, and have started collecting things for a leetle giveaway! How exciting!


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  1. The accent finger is adorable .

  2. That's a lovely manicure :)

    Sorry the weather wasn't better for your baby's birthday barbeque - bloody typical hey!?

  3. Gorgeous mani :]

    I'm hating the rain atm too. Horrible photo weather.

  4. Thank you all! Bloody horrible weather, but at least the tomatoes in the garden like it! Would like a bit of sun to ripen them all up though!x


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