Monday, 25 July 2011

Last week's haul :)

It's been a while since I did a haul post, as I haven't had a big haul for a while now, I tend to just pick bits up here and there instead of a big splurge. But I unexpectedly had to go into town last Thursday so took advantage of it and picked up a few bits :)

Here's (almost) everything I got. I got a few hair things and didn't include those, or the boring essential things like cotton wool!

L-R: Glass nail files, W7 Red Shatter, Rimmel 60 Second 850 Hard Edged
MUA Nail Polish Shade 1, MUA Pro Crackle Jail Break, Barry M Spring Green, Barry M Blue Moon, Wet N Wild French White, Citu Chick Sparkly Nails in pink and black
Nailene Ultra Tabs, Nailene Nail Studio Classic Short, Acetone-free polish remover pads (to use with falsies), Funky Union Jack Falsies, Perfect 10 Nail Art stickers
MUA Pro Heaven and Earth Palette

City Chick Sparkly Nails in pink and black (Polish with little pots of glitter on top, GOSH have released nail glitter pots, so this must be the in thing)
W7 Earthquake Red (x2) Rimmel 60 Seconds 850 Hard Edged (x2)
MUA Shade 1 (Navy glitter in a black base), MUA Pro Crackle Jail Break, Barry M Spring Green, Barry M Blue Moon, Wet n Wild French White (going to try stamping with this)

Nailene Ultra Tabs and Nail Studio Classic Short nails

MUA Pro Heaven and Earth Palette

There are two of the W7, Rimmel and Glass Nail Files because the spares will go into my giveaway :)

Has anyone tried the Nailene tabs yet? I am intrigued by them because they promise guaranteed 5 day wear without damaging your natural nails. I like wearing falsies sometimes, for a special occasion or a night out, but I hate the thought of damaging my natural nail with glue, so if these work they'll be perfect. I'm thinking of giving my nails a break from polish to see if this helps my peeling problem, so I'll try them then. Would you be interested in a review?

That's all for now, I'm going shopping tomorrow (payday whoop) so will pick up a few more bits for the giveaway then I'm sure. I'm excited! It wont be huge but I hope you'll like it.

Lots of posts planned for the next few days, at least 2 manicures to show you, plus a review of my current polish remover which, if you pardon my crudeness, is the mutt's nuts.

Which polish from the haul would you like to see?
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  1. Ooh I didnt know there was a W7 red shatter :D

    I got the nail tabs a while back, thought I had reviewed them but apparently not! They do work and stick the false on well but they are a little too thick and it made the bottom of the falsie (cuticle end) catch on my hair and after about two days they drove me nuts and just pulled the nails off. They say to slide them off but they were that sticky it kind of hurt sliding them. Didnt hurt my natural nail plate though :)

  2. OMG! i love W7. One of my British faves, as well as Barry M.
    Did you fine the W7 shatter worked well? I have the silver one and it kind of just cracks but doesn't separate.

    Do you mind my asking where you bought the products from? Particularly the polishes.

    Thanks, Ellen!

  3. Wow, great haul! Enjoy all of your goodies. =)

  4. Thanks everyone!

    @Enigma, I thought that would be the case with the tabs, they do look too thick for the nail to lay flat. At least they don't damage the nail though, which is what I wanted them for!

    @Lacquertopia, I found the W7 silver shatter did the same for me (before I smashed mine on the kitchen floor :( ). The red is better though, you just have to experiment with how to apply it and you can get different effects. I have W7 Earthquake white too and when applied diagonally it kinda looks like clouds :)
    I get my W7 from but you can get them on Amazon cheaply too. The rest of the stuff is a mixture of Superdrug (Barry M - two for £4.99, MUA), Savers (the ones with glitter and the Rimmel) and Bodycare (the Wet n Wild). The Nailene things were from Superdrug - the tabs were about £2.50 and the stickers were from Bodycare.



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