Monday, 4 July 2011

NOTD - Purple Ombre

Hi :)

I've wanted to do an ombre mani for ages, but haven't had the right combo of colours with a similar finish to use. Then when I was looking through my stash for inspiration the other day I realised that I have enough cool toned lilac/purple cremes, so here it is! I had trouble getting accurate colour in the photos, IRL they were slightly less blue, and the thumb was less pink.


Slightly 'worn' but better colour accuracy.

L-R: Barry M Indigo, Barbara Daly Passion, Beauty UK Lilac Girl, Miss Sporty Grape Fit, Barry M Berry Icecream, Seche Vite

I wore this over the weekend, and slapped a coat of Nubar 2010 ontop this morning, but it chipped before I could photograph it. It held up surprisingly well seeing as we went fruit picking at a farm yesterday and I was digging up beetroot with my hands...I know I shouldn't use my nails as tools, but fresh beetroot? I couldn't resist!

Have you ever tried an ombre mani? I'd like to try black-grey-white next :)

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  1. Looks great . I love ombre designs . I should try one soon .

  2. I keep meaning to do an ombre mani next! I was planning on using purple too :)

  3. I'v also been meaning to do a mnai like this but I keep forgetting lol!
    I love yours! It looks great =]


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