Monday, 11 July 2011

My sash and how I store it!


I bought some rubber matting to put in the bottom of the drawer I store my polish in to stop it sliding around, so I took the opportunity to count and reorganise my polishes. Eeeek, I kinda wish I hadn't! When I started this blog in March I had a modest 23 polishes. I now have 139. 139! I dread to think how much I've spent, even though I don't often buy polish costing more than 3 or 4 pounds it still adds up to a lot of polish... Not as much as some people, I know, but still more polish than I'll ever need!

Anyway, here are some gratuitous stash pics...

Here are all of the polishes laid out mostly by brand, though the furthest group on the right are all singles. The ones in the basket are base and top coats, and there are some nail art bits and bobs there too.

And tucked away neatly in their drawer. Colours are organised by brand to the left of the basket, in the basket are base and top coats and nail art supplies, and to the right of the basket are glitter and crackle top coats. The drawer is now full...better stop buying really.... The drawer is part of a cabinet under my stairs, which I didn't think to take a pic of, sorry! I may have to clear out another drawer... I've already commandeered 2 smaller ones for my beauty products and make-up (which I haven't forgotten about showing you, in case you were wondering!)

Some little stash facts for you - 

  • The brand I have most of is Barry M with 18. Miss Sporty and Collection 2000 come second with 13 each.
  • I have 10 crackle top coats and 20 glitters.
  • There are 15 brands of polish that I only have one of.
  • I only have one black polish, but every other colour I have at least 3 of.
  • I spend way too much money on nail polish...
I also just wanted to show you these polishes I picked up in the 99p store. They come in packs of three with a pretty useless mini nailfile. I haven't tried the polish yet, so I can't tell you how rubbish (come on, 99p for three?) it is but they looked like pretty, chunky glitters in a clear base. If nothing else they'll be good for frankening. Just a heads up if you want to check it out.

Sorry for the rubbish pic, you can click to enlarge it if you want to see more detail. I think what convinced me to buy these is that the bottles they're in an exact copy of an OPI bottle. So even if I chuck the polish away I have pretty bottles to franken in :)

Anyway, polish, how do you store yours?


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  1. Wow that is so much polish . I hope to have that much some day .

  2. wow your collection has grown a lot since March! I have about 245 nail polishes I wish I had 139! lol:D

  3. I picked up a couple of them polishes from the 99p store, mine were the black, silver and titanium in one pack and the other was the yellow, green and aqua colour ones. I found them a bit runny and they didn't last too long but 3 for 99p is a bargain and it isn't too tragic if you have to reapply after a day or so, at least you get chance to try all the colours!
    The glitter ones may be different though. Can't wait to see them in action x

  4. COOL awesome stash! =]
    And wow 99p for 3?!!! You need to review them soon, please =]

  5. Check out that collection! Pretty impressive!

    You've got 10 crackles!? Wow..

    I picked up a set of those cheapy 3 for 99p nail varnishes AGES ago, & honestly, had forgotten ALL about them! I don't even know what I did with them.. See, if my stash was as beautifully organised as yours, I'd know exactly where they were..!

    Btw, have you tried Accessorize nail varnish..? I've got a few recently & am loving them! Definitely worth a try :)

  6. they're organized so nicely! I have a ton too but they're just thrown in a huge box. xo

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway for a $225 Orient Watch if you'd like to check it out. x

  7. that's a lotta crackle! It's so nice and neat :) i'm always trying to keep mine like that, but constantly failing because I have far too many bottles for how lazy I am. !! I wish that a dollar store near me would have cute polish like that- glitta!


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