Sunday, 31 July 2011

NOTD - Molten Copper funky french

Hello :)

My (sometimes) lovely OH (sometimes) likes buying me little presents on his way home from work Quite often these are food-based as he works in Central London surrounded by lovely little delis and cake shops, but since I'm currently embarking on a weight loss program (don't like the 'd' word, too depressing - check out my weight loss blog link in the sidebar) he's trying to be more creative. He's not very good at it, bless him. Once, he bought me a lighter with a silly cat picture on it (I don't smoke, have an electric cooker and rarely use candles, and don't like silly cat pictures unless they're LOLcatz. LOLcatz don't count). Another time he bought me a pair of slippers, which he thought were monkeys (we have a monkey thing) - they were dogs, I don't wear slippers and they were £18 (most of my shoes don't cost £18) at Kings Cross station. Occasionally, he hits gold, but on this occasion, he hit copper...

Accessorize Molten Copper to be precise, which is an orange-gold glitter in a clear base. It has a consistency comparable to the Barry M glitters - opaque enough in a few coats but quite gritty when dry. And a pig to remove! For this reason I decided on an accent nail and funky french on the rest. The base colour I chose for the funky french fingers is Rimmel 60 Seconds 850 Hard Edged, which you can win a bottle of in my giveaway! It's a pretty maroon colour. I was hoping for duochrome but it's barely there on the nail. Still pretty though.

See, it teased me with duochrome...

...but didn't live up to it's promise. A few glitters escaped into the seche too.

I should wear more glitter. What's a shit-ton of polish remover, tin foil and cotton pads between friends?

Any other Accessorize polishes I should have? I only have two.

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  1. Good on him :)

    I love Accessorize polishes - I mentioned this in my second to last post - I have.. 9 or 10 of them now. I've always been really impressed with them.

  2. Ooh I don't have this one. Looks lovely though. Aztec is a dupe for orly space cadet. Pink spice is really lovely. Bronze in my fav. Pin-up (the purple one) is lovely too. I really like the brand!

  3. Takes ages to take of glitter nail polishes but I love them:)

  4. Pretty!!! I really want to try this

  5. This mani is absolutely gorgeous. This color combo is blowing me away. I've been dying for an awesome copper glitter, so I'm totally eating my heart out right now. What a wonderful little surprise to receive! ;)

  6. thanks everyone!!

    @Tee, I just bought Aztec - I've lusted after Space Cadet before so I treated myself :) Will be trying it out later. I have Pink Spice too and love it!


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