Friday, 29 July 2011

NOTD - Lemon and Lime


Today I have a Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish Fruity scented polish to show you. The colour on this one is lovely, soft buttery yellow, a little streaky and uneven but three coats sorted it (come on, it is a yellow) and actually looked good against my skin. But oh my days the smell! DO NOT BUY this polish if you're only interested in the scented aspect. It smells less like lemons and more like rotten melon. Thankfully, it's a not a strong scent and with top coat I could only smell it if I really tried. I'm not sure how dupable it is (Barry M Lemon Ice Cream might be close) but it is unique in my stash otherwise the smell alone would make me get rid. And I never get rid of polish!

Anyway, this is three coats of Lemon Drop, plus some fimo slices and lots of Seche Vite.

I wore this for two days but by the middle of day two I was picking at the fimo. Think the other half got one in his dinner....

Anyway, what do you think of scented polish? Bit of fun or silly gimmick?


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  1. Nice, I love yellow but I can never pull it off. I got the full scented collection of color club polishes last week in TK Max but haven't tried any of them yet. I only other smelly polish I have is the Revlon beach one. I think the idea is fab, but they seem to give me a headache :-S Good mani though!

  2. This is cute :)

    How bizarre that it smells so bad though!

    I was desperate to get some fimo canes/slices a while back, but then never got round to it.. I've seen some great looks on other people, but not sure I could pull it off.. And how durable are they? I like to decide for myself when I want to change my nails, not be dictated to by bits falling off.. Hmm.. Still think I'll have to give it a go some day!

  3. this is so cute and summery! I love it!

  4. Tee, the apricot Rimmel Fruity gave me a headache the first time I wore it, but the smell was nicer than the lemon! Might have to keep them just for my toes, I can't smell them from that far away lol

    HSB on me, they're not very durable. But no polish lasts more than a day or two because I wash my hands and have them in water a LOT. Next time I'm going to try sticking them on with nail glue instead of top coat and see if that helps, they also tend to curl up a little at the edges when you put top coat over so that doesn't help. I'll let you know how the nail glue works out!

    Thanks AA, I thought so too!


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