Saturday, 9 July 2011

Helly the lemming slayer...

See what I did there? Ok, thats enough trying to think of clever post titles, let's get straight to the polish (for once, I do ramble a bit...)

This is China Glaze Lubu Heels. Teeny red glitter in a black base. Gorgeous. As I said yesterday, not exactly appropriate for the season, but who wants to wear pastels all summer? I'd wear this on my toes except I'm trying to only wear lighter colours to get rid of mega staining so I can, uh, wear pastel pedicures...

The formula on this one is very thin and watery. I'm guessing it has to be because if it was thicker the red glitter wouldn't show? Anyway, the first very thin coat was a disaster, I applied the second a bit thicker, and seemed to sort it, but then the next morning I added a third because it looked a little patchy, and it took ages to dry and I had sheet marks. Also you will need top coat. It's not as gritty as a lot of glitter polish but you will need it for the shine.

Is it normal for my little finger to be that short? I guess it's called a little finger for a reason...

As usual I couldn't capture the awesomeness of this polish. In the right light it goes all glowy and lit-from-within looking. I couldn't love it more.

And here is a frog I found in my veg patch just after taking the photos. We filled in an old stagnant pond to make the veg patch, so I hope it wasn't a pregnant lady-frog looking for her pond to lay her eggs in, apparently they come back to the same pond they were hatched in to lay their eggs. I'm sure it's too late in the year for frogspawn though, and I've never seen any in the pond before we filled it in so it must have just been a bit lost.

So now I'm moving onto my next lemming, Ahoy, another China Glaze. I only paid just over £6 for Lubu Heels, but it's still a lot on one polish for me. Sooo worth it though, and I don't do it often, I treated myself after losing 5lbs at fat club this week. Seeing as I can't see that happening again any time soon Ahoy will have to wait a wee while.

Have you slayed any lemmings lately?

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  1. Talk about freaking gorgeous . This color is to absolutely die for.

  2. Always loved Lubu Heels - though I've never had it.

    I don't think I've ever slayed a lemming that wasn't just to use as a stamping polish!

    But congrats on the weight loss :]

  3. It seems like a real art to getting the lighting right to bring out the awesomeness of some colors.

  4. Jim it really is! I only have a point and shoot camera and finding a good setting is difficult. seem to get the best pics in sunlight, though I still couldn't get this quite right.

    Jeannius, I don't often buy China Glaze and OPI etc as they're just overpriced here, but I had to have this! I wanted it for a long time :) And thanks for the congrats, though it feels like 5lb down, 11tybillion to go... I'll get there though, especially if I keep bribing myself with polish lol

    Thanks (as always) Toyomi! It's lovely, isn't it? I don't know of any like it.



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