Friday, 23 December 2011

I dun somefing stoopit...

Well, actually my neighbour did. We don't know each other very well, but we bumped into each other at the market a few weeks ago and she noticed my pastel rainbow nails, and told me she was going to do a course on gel nails in the new year. We talked about it for a while, me saying that I'd always shied away from acrylics because of the damage, and she said that gel nails are no way near as bad and can actually protect your nails. So I agreed for her to have a 'practice' on me and in return I would show her my stamping stuff. I think I was hoping for a nail polish friend really! Anyway, she came over Wednesday night with a calcium gel nail kit (basically it means you don't need a lamp to cure it) and pretty much destroyed my nails. I'm not kidding, they're horrific. There's gel on my cuticles, they're lumpy and bumpy and soooo fat and you can see the line where the tip is attached. I think I was expecting her to file the excess gel down once they had set but she didn't. Once they were done she painted them for me (and didn't do a very good job at that either...) and I did some peacock nails for her. Don't get me wrong, we had fun, but I really wasn't expecting the outcome to be, well, so shitty... Amy used China Glaze Jolly Holly and once she'd gone I tried to cover the travesty with W7 Gold Dazzle sponged from the tips and then a coat of ELF Golden Goddess all over the nail.

I mattefied it after wearing for a day to see if that improved it. Not so much. Pretty polish, fugly ass nails.

Looking at these pictures makes me die a little bit inside. What do you think, have I ruined my nails? They were aching when I woke up the morning after she did them, but they're not so bad now. I'm really loving the length though, which makes me think I should stop being so tight and go get them done professionally, seeing as mine will not improve. When I take this mess off tonight I'm going to file them down a bit myself, see if I can make them a bit smoother for my Christmas Day manicure. Which I haven't yet decided on. I was going to use a set of foils I have, but over these lumpy bumpy claws it'd look hideous so I think I'll try stamping them...that's if I don't go insane from looking at them like this and chop my fingers off or something...

Any miracle cures out there? How can I sort this out? Besides removing them completely, which I don't have time for until after Christmas... HALP!


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  1. Ouch! I feel for you...entirely stumped on advice as to how to fix it, but yeah shitty situation. Only thing would be to see a professional about it and see if they can prevent any further damage being done to your nail. Internet hug? :/

  2. Oh crap. Guess she needs more practice, huh? And on a practice hand, not on some poor, unsuspecting human hand.

    Since you don't have time to soak those suckers off, right now, (I would have grabbed any vessel capable of holding acetone and soaked those things off the moment she left lol) a good filing and shaping may help. I don't know much about gels so I have no practical advice.

    I am concerned that you say that your nails ache. You shouldn't ever feel pain or discomfort from properly applied nail enhancements. Honestly, in spite of your time crunch, I would go to a reputable salon and beg to be squeezed in and have those things removed.

    Okay, shutting up, now. lol

  3. i agree with ice queen i would take them off asap to stop cany further damage from happening. you might be able to salvage them for you christas mani :)

  4. lol whilst i dooooo deeply sympathise this also made me chuckle. I could hear the digust in your voice. Ugly ass claws lol. I'm sure you'll be able to tame them xxx

  5. Been there! I've used a coarse buffer & medium-grit file to shape nail enhancements gone wrong, and whipped them into decent shape.
    Salon is also of course an option, make sure that you go to a good salon & no chop-shop, because at a chop-shop they don't always know how to properly deal with gel.


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