Tuesday, 20 December 2011

China Glaze Ruby Pumps *drool*

Today I was in a rush, my snowman mani was fading fast and as we still don't heating and I'm spending my evenings layered under twentyeleven billion blankets I couldn't do them last night like I usually do. So that meant either doing them this morning with the kids around *shudder* or going out with naked nails *double shudder*. So I chose a festive colour that I knew was easy to apply and slapped it on with a coat of Seche so the nose wiping and shoe lace tying wouldn't ruin them. I think this is my favourite red ever, it's so sparkly and has so much depth. Here I used 2 coats and the colour really came alive with the second. If my nails were longer (they're shorties again :( but I haz a plan...) I would have applied a third. It's a lovely polish to apply, does exactly what you tell it to and looks perfect. It even water marbles well. Definitely one of my top polishes. I think China Glaze is my favourite brand (Shhh don't tell Barry M) and I *may* have just ordered 6 more... (Shh don't tell Mr NN...) My pictures do it no justice, but believe me it's purdy. Had lots of compliments at fat club this morning :)

I'm going to bling this up a bit later, providing it doesn't chip. Stamping or OPI Gold Shatter (from my Boudoir Prive/Joliebox)? Help me decide?!


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  1. This is definitely my favorite red polish. I get lots of oohs & ahhs every time I wear it! I recently declared China Glaze as my favorite brand of nail polish.. their formula is consistent awesome no matter what color! Love 'em! ;)

    Very pretty mani!

  2. *Consistently awesome ;) Sorry!


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