Monday, 19 December 2011

Let it snow!

Actually, don't. My heating is broken and it is 0 degrees outside. Fun times. I so didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but the boys had different plans. 5.30am wake up call? Oh go on then! I am so tempted to drag the TV upstairs and spend the day under the covers in bed it is unreal! BUT I have to clean so that someone can actually get through the door to fix the heating...anyway, onto the nails!

I saw someone use white shatter over a pale blue base a long time ago and thought it looked snowy and knew I wanted it for Christmas at some point. I added a little snowman accent nail and I adore this manicure. It just came out perfect for me! Nail art that isn't a fail? YAY! The base colour is Barry M Blue Moon, which is a lovely colour. The shimmer you see in the bottle doesn't show on the nail but it does have this ethereal, luminescence about it that is so pretty. 3 coats and it wasn't quite opaque, though I was shattering on it so I didn't mind, and another coat would have gotten it. Plus, it's a jelly so it's lovely and squishy. The white shatter is by W7 (I love their shatters, this one has gone gloopy but it still cracks so well with thick or thin coats). The snowman was done with a dotting tool and Wet n Wild French White, Wet n Wild Black Creme for the coal, Nails Inc Beaumont Place for the scarf and Maybelline Orange Couture for the carrot nose. Cute?! I think so! All topped with Seche Vite which is getting a little gloopy, and it made the scarf bleed a little, but it kinda makes it look like a warm fuzzy scarf. I could do with a warm fuzzy scarf right now....ahem, pics!

Shimmer in the bottle. Yum.

Right hand, with thicker coats of shatter.

Blue Moon is apparently a dupe to something from Chanel, and Barry M also duped Chanel Paradoxal  with Dusky Mauve. So, Mr M, when are you gonna get working on Peridot, huh?

Only a few more days until the fat man comes, and so many Christmas nails to do! Plus wrapping, baking, cleaning, and packing since we're going away for a few days. Maybe I don't need heating after all, I'll be so busy I wont feel the cold! Hot water might be a wee problem though...

How are your Christmas nails coming along? Have you got Frosty the Snowman in your head now too? If not, here's a little ear worm for you :)


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  1. Nice combo and your snowman is super cute, hope you get heat soon I'm always cold I couldn't do no heat.

  2. Awww, the snowman is adorable!
    Hope you get your heating fixed soon! I'd be lost without mine, I hate being cold.xx

  3. can't believe how well the white crackle works - like perfect broken ice - bravo!


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