Saturday, 31 December 2011

NOTD - Next Oh So Nails Metallic Green and Barry M Croc Effects

Hello loves, how are you all? I hope you had a fab Christmas :) Mine was a bit miserable to be honest, and I'm not feeling any better about the New Year :( But at least I have some pretty nails to show you :)

This is a polish I picked up in Next in their January sale. I had some gift cards to spend from Christmas but of course the only think I could find was 2 polishes. It always goes that way though, doesn't it! Metallic Green is a green/gold/bronze duochrome and I lurve it. I haven't really jumped on the duochrome bandwagon, yes they're pretty but they don't excite me. BUT for just £1 (usually £2.50) I had to have it. My pictures show 2 fuss-free coats. For accents I thought that Barry M's croc effect shatter would look good with the green metallic, but I can't get this polish to work. Unlike normal shatter you layer it over tacky polish and it takes a good few minutes for the cracks to appear and I have tried everything, thick coats, thin coats, blobby coats, smooth coats, doing a little dance for the polish Gods. Nothing. It looks awful on me. Plus, it's like wax crayon to remove, smeary and yuck.

Like it? I'm gutted I ruined it with the crackle. Bad Barry M! Have you man aged to get the croc crackle to work for you? I'm totally meh over it :( I should have stamped instead...

Will have my NYE mani tomorrow, although I have no plans I've gone for a glittah bomb. Even though I have blue fingers atm. Non-acetone remover and blue polish don't mix.

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  1. Didn't know Next did single nail polishes, this green is lush and I NEED it! Off to Next I pop! Thanks for sharing x


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