Sunday, 11 December 2011

31 day challenge - day 31! Recreate your favourite challenge

It's over1 I did the 31 day challenge (in 42 days, but we'll ignore that...) and finished today by recreating my favourite manicure, which was my rainbow design from day 9. I used pastel colours this time, instead of brights and I love the look, so I'm happy not to have to take it off right away! The colours I used, over a base of white, were:

Red: Barbara Daly Think Pink
Orange: barry M Peach Melba
Yellow: Barry M Yellow
Green: Barry M Mint Green
Blue: Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream
Indigo:  Beauty Uk no name from Wild Child gift set
Violet: Barry M Berry Ice Cream
Topped with Collection 2000 Sparkle Top Coat and 17 Glitter Top Coat.

Here's a collage of all of my nails from the challenge :)

Now, onto some Christmas manis!


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