Friday, 16 September 2011

My favourite manicure so far!


Since I got my new Bundle monster plates I had been wanting to play around with some of the feathery designs and create a peacock manicure. Usually, when I have an idea in my head it never turns out how I expected, but for once, this did! I LOVED it and kept it on for 4 days before it was too chipped to save and got so many comments on it, from people thinking I was wearing foils or asking how I did it. I have been working at a playgroup this week, and one woman who I'd never even met before kept coming over and holding my hands to look at my nails! I think she was hoping I'd offer to do hers...something I've never done - I think I'd be too scared! Anyway, onto the pictures, there are a few...

The polishes I used were Models Own Purple Mystique, 17 Fast Finish Peacock, 17 Lasting Fix Exquisite and Miss Sporty Electric Beige for the stamping. I created the gradient with 2 coats of Purple Mystique and then sponged on Peacock 2/3 of the way down the nail, and then Exquisite on the tips. I use an eyeshadow applicator for sponging because it's more precise, and who hasn't got a ton of them laying around? Here's a quick pic of the gradient pre-cleanup.

There are quite a few feathery patterns on my BM plaes, and I think I have an actual peacock on one of my Born Pretty plates, so I'm sure I'll do something similar again, when this untried challenge is's driving me nuts. BUT I will stick to it, I promise!

What's your favourite manicure ever? Send me a link or a pic!

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  1. very creative, and it looks gorgeous!

  2. Wow this very clever and it look nice too (:

  3. i totally understand why this manicure is your favourite: it's stunning! xx sweet: will you repair your blog one day? this business of just one column and the whole content of the sidebar before the content is not working very well xx

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous - can totally see why it's your favourite :)

  5. I love this!!! I'm debating getting Bundle Monster plates and if I do I will keep this in mind as inspiration! So, thanks!

  6. wow that is so perfect!!!!Amazing :)


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