Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Let the Christmas nails commence!

Three posts in one day? Why Monsieur you are spoiling us! Ahem. Anyway, here is my first Christmas manicure this year, and it was a really simple one, but it got lots of compliments. I used a pretty shimmery blue from a Beauty Uk gift set and dabbed on Barry M Silver Glitter (I spent £6 on Barry M in Boots and got it free - it says Limited Edition, but really it's just been repackaged with a holo cap, I'm sure its exactly the same as their usual silver glitter) half way down the nail.

The next day, partly because I didn't want to take it off and partly because I want to do at least one snow flake manicure I stamped some silver snowflakes with BM14 and added a pale blue rhinestone to the middle.

Sorry about the tipwear, I only remembered to take the pics after doing the washing up...

Chipped thumbs are chipped...

This is such a pretty blue. I don't have many blues, and off the top of my head this is the only one I have that is shimmery, and not cream or glitter. And it's soo pretty. I wore it on my toes for a long time when I first got it :)

Another bonus of this polish is that it doesn't stain! No smurf nails here I shall have you know! How do I know it doesn't stain, you ask? Well I have already replaced it with another Christmassy design :) Until tomorrow,

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  1. I was liking the first mani until I saw the snowflakes; now it is really perfect. Nice Design.


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