Saturday, 12 October 2013

Storage Saturday - Stamping Plates!


There has been no storage Saturday for a couple of weeks, because I wanted to wait until I had everything how I wanted it before I took the pictures and posted them. Have you any idea how hard it is to find a four-ring binder? At least here in the UK anyway! We looked in WH Smith, Staples, Paperchase, every supermarket we went into, art supply stores, cheapy shops like Poundland and B&M - nowhere had them until Mr NN found me some in Ryman the stationer. They're just plain black, but that'll do me for now, and I can always decorate them if the mood takes me ;)

Anyway, I used to have my stamping plates in an old glossybox which I had divided into 6 sections for different brands/sizes of plate. This was fine, it kept them all neat and tidy, and in the same place, but it wasn't without it's limitations. Everytime I wanted a plate I had to take the whole of that section out and flick through them all (annoying), I couldn't keep them in order so I never knew whereabouts in a particular pile a single plate was, and the plate on the bottom of the pile was impossible to get out without tipping the whole thing upside-down. Eventually, my collection outgrew it too, so something had to be done. I bought myself some strong page protectors, some white card and some blue-tack and along with my four-ring binders this is the result.

I have two folders full of plates currently. The first one holds my 3 Bundle Monster sets, and my Cheeky and Gals sets (about 130 plates), and the second holds everything else! I just blue-tacked the plates to the card, popped them in the page protector and clipped into the folder. Simples! It means I can use it as a sort of "book" to see all my plates when I'm trying to chose a design, and keep them in order so that if I know what plate/image I want to use I can go straight to it. The only set of plates that I don't store in here are my Pueen Love Elements set, which came in it's own little storage pouch. I'm keeping them in there for now, but it's quite flimsy so I'm sure eventually they'll end up in with the other sets. I really would recommend holding out for a four ring binder if you chose to store your plates this way because the pages are pretty heavy and even with strong page protectors they can twist and tear the holes. The four ring binders just hold them a bit more securely.

I just write at the top of each page the name of the brand/set and that's it! You can see I keep the protective film on the plates so I can see which I've not used's almost as bad as my untried polishes!

How do you store your plates? I would love to see!

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  1. Wow, this is a great idea! My collection of stamping plates is growing, and I was wondering what to do about it. This is perfect and so easy to do!


  2. Great idea the 4 hole file - holding more securely. Good job!

  3. I need to do this for my Nail Craze plates, Messy Mansion plates, Winstonia Square plates, Cheeky Summer set plates and octagonal plates. I just have them stored in a make up bag. My regular sized plates are all in my Bundle Monster binders. I love those! I now have three to hold all my plates. I would recommend them because they are awesome!

  4. I tried this for a while but it got too heavy and kept tearing. Ended up with the Bundle Monster folder which is great but doesn't fit some shaped plates in which is a shame.


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