Wednesday, 9 October 2013

33 Day Challenge day 8 - chevrons!

Hi all!

Day 8 of the challenge brings chevrons! Unfortunately, I'm disappointed with this design. I've never felt like geometrical designs like chevrons have been my strong point, so I thought I'd opt for a stamped accent nail. I have been trying to not reach for stamping too much during this challenge, otherwise it'd just become "what stamping plate can I match with this theme", rather than a challenge. So I thought by combining it with different elements I could push myself a little more, but it all turned out a little bit blah. The stamping wasn't great, I used the wrong glitter (Nails Inc Trafalgar Crescent over Rimmel Your Majesty) and I could not capture the holo in Lilypad Laquer Minty Moment at all.

Maybe I should have added some studs, or freehanded the chevrons. Or maybe I should sell all my polish, chop all my fingers off and find myself a nice hole in the ground to crawl into to. Drastic, moi?


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  1. I like this combination of polishes! I completely get the "what stamping plate can I match with this theme". It can be hard not to do as the easy way out.


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