Thursday, 24 October 2013

My wonder product - Duri Rejuvacote saves the nail!


Time for a long overdue post today. Hopefully you've noticed that my nails are in much much better condition lately, and are growing stronger and longer. (If you hadn't noticed, have a look here and here and compare!) I've always struggled with peeling nails, especially on my index fingers and thumbs, and to some extent my middle fingers too and over the years had tried lots of things to get them stronger, just so I could get the indexes in particular past the end of my fingertips. I'd tried so many treatment basecoats from the likes of Sally Hansen, Nails Inc, Orly and various OPI Nail Envy formulations, which worked for a while and then stopped. I'd tried Biotin supplements - great for my skin and hair but made little difference to my nails. Moisturisers and cuticle creams/oils, all of which made me feel good but again did nothing. The peel on my left index finger was so bad that I couldn't cut the nail any shorter and still had about 2mm of split at the tip. I'd all but given up hope of ever having anything other than naughty nubs. Until lovely Nicole from my birthday group suggested I try Duri Rejuvacote. I'd heard it was good, so I read some more reviews online and struggled to find any bad ones. I found a US ebay seller who'd ship it to the UK for around £6-7 (much cheaper than UK sellers at about £12, and cheaper than Nail Envy) and ordered a bottle.

Well, hallelujah! It only bloody worked, didn't it! Now I really hope I'm not jinxing myself here but I've been using it exclusively since the end of June and, I hope you'll agree, my nails are so much better. The peels have all but grown out (I still get a teeny bit on my left index but it's literally a tiny edge), my nails are so strong and grow like weeds! The instructions say to use one coat as a base coat, apply nail colour if you want and then apply as top coat every day. After seven days remove the whole lot and start again. I just use it as a base coat every time I do my nails (normally every other day at least) and sometimes double up on my naughtiest nails and apply two coats to those, making sure I wrap the tips properly. I started seeing results after just 4 days, and now I wouldn't be without it. The best bit? After using it like this for 4 months, I'm still only on my first bottle, and still have a good few weeks left. The polish left in the bottle has gone a little cloudy, but it hasn't thickened or gone gloopy so well worth the very affordable price tag. I have a second bottle waiting in the wings already ;)

Now, a before and after - speaks for itself really!


I couldn't be happier! Now I just have to perfect filing them all the same and I'll have my dream nails :)

Have you found your holy grail? what would you recommend for peeling nails? Not that I'm switching any time soon! While this is working I'm sticking to it!

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  1. Amazing! I really need to try this, I've been nursing a couple bad breaks blah.
    I never get my nails unless I remember to file when my nail polish is on. Can't remember where I read it but once I did I was like, duh! why didn't I think of that?

  2. I really love this base coat and did see a big difference in my nails when I was using it. I am not sure if it was the weather or what but it started reacting with my polishes. Some I thought were not good would not apply well. But later tried them with a different base coat and they worked fine. I will say that since I quit using it I have had 4 stress breaks and have had to repair them just to keep the length on my nails.I think I will try using it again and see what happens. I have 1/2 a bottle which was my second and then 2 more brand new ones. That is how much I liked it.

  3. They look really great in the after photos, its great you have found something which works for you :D

  4. I have several of these treatments, went back to Rejuvacote last night, I suppose I should stick with one for awhile to see some results! lol

  5. What great results...I just started using this product two weeks ago tomorrow and am noticing nail growth, but nothing nails are so thin, they bend and tear...not strong like your' we will see if this helps...I have a blog posts on what my nails looked like in the beginning and what they look like now...check it out...juicyliciousbeauty here on blogger


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