Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Purple Crumpet Spring Challenge - Day 10, Unicorn Magic Day!

So, today comes but every 4 years - a magical day where women can do all sorts of forward thinking stuff like propose to their partners! Fancy that! So the brief for today was to make your mani magical. Magical=sparkly, right? I started off with magnetic polish and bar glitter but that went horribly wrong (Doesn't bar glitter just look a bit hairy to you?) So instead I went for this lilac scattered holo from Claires. Bargain find, even if I do feel a bit like mutton dressed as lamb whenever I go into Claires! It's sooo insanely sparkly and pretty, and it's only £2.50! I applied 3 coats to get it opaque, but you could layer it over a cream or foil and get away with 2, because it did take a while to dry. Although it's a glitter it's not gritty at all.

Then I stamped over it using this sunburst pattern from HB31 and some color club foilds. The stamping didn't come out great...

 It was better on my right hand, where I only used one colour per nail. please excuse the middle finger, it's much better than it was but still a wee bit sore.

So Happy February 29th! Any of my readers only have a birthday every four years? Now THAT's the secret to eternal youth!

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  1. Gorgeous! I love this, especially the lilac holo. :D

  2. i don't get the bar glitter deal either. i dont like feeling like i have wookie nails!

  3. I love the stamping over the holo! It's so pretty! =)

  4. I always feel old going in to Claires too!


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