Thursday, 1 March 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge - Day 11, Pastel Patchwork

Hi loves!

For today's challenge I followed a tutorial by the immensely talented Kayla Shevonne. I thought it looked quite simple (certainly simpler than how I was planning to do it...) and it wasn't too bad - it just took me an age! My hand looked like a claw when I was finished...hence the strategic accent nail on the right hand. I think it works great as an accent nail though! Ahem, that's my excuse...

I started with a coat of Beauty Uk Soft Grey and then drew the patches with a purple striper polish (I don't have a black, and thought it would be easier with a striper rather than a brush and separate polish). Then I filled in the rest of the patches with Collection 2000 Fruit Salad and China Glaze Aquadelic, just using the bottle brushes. Then I went back over the lines with the striper and added the stiches. Result, cute nails and hand cramp!

It's not perfect, but is it ever? I think this is the most detailed freehand nail art I've ever done and I love it, and the possibilities are endless! Pinks, brights, monochrome, metallic...yep, love.

I did try and get Mr NN to do the other hand for me, but he couldn't copy the design right, gave up and drew a willy instead. Say no more.

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  1. I would wear these for a week! Great colors!

  2. yours turned out so so good!!!

  3. I love patchwork manis. This is great and I love the colors.

  4. That looks good and very detailed!

  5. i love this, and i REALLY love the accent hand, that is v cool xx


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