Friday, 17 February 2012

Guest post - the importance of feeling good

I was contacted recently by Jackie Clark from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, who asked if they could write a guest post highlighting the importance and benefits that beauty has during cancer treatment. Of course I agreed, and found her post really thought provoking. I paint my nails because it relaxes me, gives me some me time away from the stresses of family life, financial worries, and because it makes me feel pretty! I can have scruffy hair, no make-up on and baby food mashed into my clothes, but if my nails are looking good it doesn't matter as much. If it makes a woman (or man!) undergoing cancer treatment feel the same way, it can only be a good thing!


Beautiful Nails For Relaxation After Cancer Prognosis
By: Jackie Clark
A diagnosis of any cancer, such as mesothelioma from asbestos exposure, can result in a myriad of emotional reactions. Women who are diagnosed with cancer can start losing confidence, particularly when the harsh treatments from doctors are factored into the equation. Though it can seem difficult to believe after prognosis, women who have cancer are still beautiful and are able to feel confident in their own skin.
Benefits of Painting Nails
Painting nails after a cancer prognosis is about more than simply having beautiful hands, it is about feeling comfortable, beautiful and relaxed throughout the process. Fashion can make a woman feel confident and caring about the small details, like nail polish on fingers, can give the mind a break from the worries of cancer treatment.
Relaxation to reduce stress is a key component of allowing the body to remain as strong and healthy as possible. Getting a manicure can give women confidence while providing a relaxing bonding experience with the person performing the manicure. This has a duel effect of helping improve confidence and comfort while also relaxing the body so that stress levels are as low as possible.
Beyond the simple relaxation element, women who take time for a manicure while undergoing treatment are taking measures to feel beautiful by seeing the stunning results of the manicure. The small reminder that a woman is beautiful regardless of her circumstances can provide a level of comfort and confidence throughout the treatment.
Feeling Beautiful
Comfort and relaxation are only one of the key benefits of getting a manicure. Putting a focus on style and fashion while undergoing cancer treatment can also help a woman feel beautiful. This includes the small details of her beauty regimen like painting nails. Without the small details, it is easy to allow doubts to creep in. Taking time for the little elements of style like makeup and nail polish can add to the feeling of strength and beauty that all women should possess.
Nothing makes a woman feel more beautiful than knowing that she is following the height of fashion with every small facet of her body. With the relaxation of a manicure and the small reminder that beauty is about feeling comfortable in your own skin, women are able to regain lost confidence from their diagnosis.
A cancer prognosis can cause a major hit to confidence, but it does not mean a woman is less beautiful. By turning to the comfort of manicures and fashion, women can regain confidence and remember that they are beautiful in any situation. Challenges simply add to the timelessness of that beauty. Women who undergo cancer treatments are able to become timeless beauties who are stronger for the experience.


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