Friday, 3 February 2012

PCFC - Based on a favourite book


I haven't posted much this week, sorry. I'd like to say it was a busy week, but I'd be lying, I'm just being lazy. I have a good excuse though, I turned 30 on Wednesday - eeek - and have been hiding down a hole. I'll show you the mani I wore in celebration (even that was a bit of a fail) tomorrow, but for now here's this week's Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge mani, which was to be based on a favourite book.

I don't know what possessed me to try this manicure, but I suddenly thought of doing a Cheshire cat deisgn with lilac and purple stripes, then I thought why not just do Alice in Wonderland...yeah, I should have stuck to my original plan! 

For the little finger I used Barry M Berry Icecream and Beauty UK Lilac Girl to create Cheshire cat stripes, Ring finger was Stargazer 508, Barry M Gold Foil and WnW Black Creme to make the white rabbit's pocket watch. Middle finger was a french white, 2True shade 6 and Miss Sporty New black stamped to make the cards. The index finger is MeMeMe Impulsive and Barry M Spring Green, and black and white to make the hatters hat and the thumb is an Accessorize Baby Blue Eat Me cookie.

It was fun to do, even if it isn't very good! I can honestly say if I never do a mani based on a book again, I wont be upset!

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  1. i think its cute! happy late b day, Im right behind you age wise and Im not too happy about it either.


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