Saturday, 11 February 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire - Clarins 230's identical twin? Wanna swap?

Hi loves

I have a polish to show you that has been setting the polish world alight recently, because it is allegedly a dupe for the hard-to-find-and-stupidly-expensive-when-you-do Clarins 230, aka Unicorn Pee. I can't confirm it because I don't have Unicorn Pee to directly compare them, being just a commoner. I don't usually look at the Max Factor polishes because at £3.99 for a stingy 4.5ml bottle, I think they're expensive. But believe me this beauty is worth it! As always, my pictures suck hairy balls, but if I can make it look pretty, you know it's pretty. This one one coat over Barry M Indigo - it's sheer as a sheer thing and being as the bottle is teeny, you'll want to layer it.

How pretty? This is a new release for spring here in the UK...yes, it's a UK polish for once! It seems to be making it's way into Boots and Superdrug fairly slowly, although the Max Factor stand at my local Tesco doesn't have it yet. That being said, I got my bottle from my lovely Birthday Club friend Zoe, so I have a couple brand new bottles spare and would love to swap them for some pretties that aren't available here in the UK. SO, if you would like a bottle take a look at my wishlist and hopefully we can arrange a swap! I'm particularly interested in Finger Paints flakies, but anything on the list is fair game. Make me an offer! My contact details are in the contact tab :)

If anyone knows of a post comparing these directly to Clarins 230, I'd love to see it too so leave a link in the comments!

What do you think, dupe or no dupe?

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  1. Sucks hairy balls?! ROFL!
    I gave mine away because I was so underwhelmed. I mean, it's nice...but I'm tight and that price tag for that tiny bottle annoyed me! X

  2. OOOOOOhhhhh! this looks pretty. I might have to make a trip to Boots.

  3. Yay! One of my bday gifts has been showcased! Looks gorgeous not like hairy balls!!! Ra ha ha! X

  4. Polish Ninja did an awesome comparison

    I'm not crazy about FF to be honest- it's a bit too sheer for me! And I think £4 for such a teeeny bottle is a rip off. Amazing swatches though, you've captured all the different colours in it perfectly.

  5. Hello! I would be willing to send you Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black (New) and Grey's Anatomy (swatched on four fingers one time) for a bottle of this! Please email me at if you're interested :D

    Also your pics totally don't suck balls, especially not hair ones, they made me want this beautiful polish!


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