Sunday, 5 February 2012

NOTD - Got the Blues...

Morning bloggy peeps!

This week's Adventures in Stamping challenge was to use only blue for your mani. I like blue but I don't wear it often because it stains my fingers up so much I look like I've been doing rude things to a smurf, and this was no exception! You can be as neat as a neat thing when you're applying the base coat, but unless you're magic trying to get a full nail image to stamp without getting any on your fingers aint gonna happen. I managed to get most of the blue off I think... The base colour is Color Club Blue-topia from their Back to Boho collection (I got set 2 and wish I got set one too now) and I stamped with Fab Ur Nails metallic blue stamping polish and image plates II (keyboards) and IV (bluesy music stuff). Sorry the pics are a bit soft-focusy, I had my camera in the snow setting!

Even Mr NN liked this one :) He's usually my biggest critic...I usually ignore him...

You can join in Adventures in Stamping here!

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  1. rude things to a smurf ?? lol xxxxx

  2. I love the way this looks, love the take on "blues"!!!

  3. So impressed with your stamping skills!! I can't seem to get the same quality out of my stamps!
    Great blues :-)

  4. This is mega cool! I like how it even says 'blues'. :)

  5. This is so pretty!
    I've tagged you in my latest blog post :)

  6. LOVE the blue metallic stamp colour!! Gorgeous design as well x


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