Monday, 13 February 2012

My ever growing stash...

It's hard to believe that this time last year I had a mere 15 or so polishes. I hadn't even started thinking about blogging yet, but I was slowly getting into polish again, watching tutorials and reading blogs. Now I have over 300 polishes (probably closer to 350) and paint my nails almost every day. I can't stand chipped polish anymore! My nails are slowly getting better and I've made some great friends :) Anyway, here is my stash currently (well about a month ago, so more have been added since...).

I store my polish in an understairs unit, and it takes up 3 out of 7 drawers - two large and one small, lined with rubber mats. In the small drawer I store my glitters, crackles, striper polishes, stamping polishes, a small tray of files and my current top and base coats, and remover.

Top left-crackles, middle-remover, top right-glitter, bottom-tray containing files and topcoat, bottom left-stripers and stamping polish.

In the next drawer is the majority of my polishes, arranged by brand. I think the brand  have the most of is Barry M, top left.

 Then the bottom drawer - the newest addition. It is considerably more full now than it was a month ago when I took this picture! In here I have all my polishes that came in sets-on the left,my China Glaze polishes next to that (I had to move one group out of the other drawer and since I'm growing my CG's I chose those!), then a bag with nail wheels in, a few random falsies for swatching and below that my stamping plates etc. Then there are three boxes - one with nail art stuff in, like stickers, rhinestones, brushes, dotting tools etc, one with all the polishes that I only have one of each brand in, and another that has empty or gloopy top coats and any polishes I have doubles of for swaps etc. I also now have my Orly's in there, but they were added after I took the pic! I am going to need to move another brand from the other drawer into this one, which will be a tight squeeze but I can't fit one more polish in the top! Maybe my few OPIs will get moved in with the China Glaze.

So that was my stash! I love reading posts like these and being nosey, so I hope you've enjoyed it too :) My next project - cataloguing them all in a spreadsheet....

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  1. I adore poking my nose into other people's stashes, so thanks for this post! I wish I'd thought to take photos of mine at regular intervals so I could see it grow. :)

  2. Yay, I like this sort of posts as well, so thanks for sharing :)


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