Thursday, 16 February 2012

NOTD - 17 Supreme Shine Moon Dust

Morning bloggy peeps!

Today I have to show you a polish from 17's Supreme Shine range. I only had one polish from the range as the colours don't usually grab me (and they're £1 more than the two other 17 polish ranges, which have more on-trend colours, not that I'm tight or anything...). In Boots the other day I had picked up two of their Lasting Fix polishes and everything on the 17 stand was 3 for 2. Mr NN was hassling me to hurry up because the car park ticket was about to run out or something equally unimportant, so I grabbed this one. It's a pretty dark taupe cream, and unlike anything else I have. This was two coats, no topcoat - so you can see it lives up to it's shiny name!

You can also see I got sheet marks. My own fault completely. So I topped it with OPI Gold Shatter the next day. Not great, but bearable.

I didn't wear it for long... Love Moon Dust though, what do you think? I was hoping for a You don't know Jaques/A taupe the space needle/Over the taupe dupe, but I think this is a shade darker. It'll do me though!

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