Sunday, 19 February 2012

We Stamp on Sundays - BM 203 over China Glaze Atlantis and a crapton of glitter...


This week's theme for stamping Sunday was a plate ending in three - so I pretty much took that as an excuse to break out the glitter and go to town with a full nail design. I used three birthday club polishes from the lovely Jebba (Mode Party Girl), Janelle (CG Atlantis) and Kathryn (Pop Rocks Groupie), and added some pretty irredescent glitter by La Femme beauty (the name has rubbed off the bottle). One it was topcoated and dry I stamped with Barry M Silver Foil. I'm planning a big post with all of my birthday club gifts once they're all here!

Before I stamped...or cleaned up...

I was kind of hoping for a fish scales/mermaid tail effect, but it looks more like a chunky jumper! Still like it though :)

I may not be around much for a few days, because I have an infected finger and it's making things difficult :( It is sooooooo sore! You would never think that having a sore finger could make you feel so rotten. The next Purple Crumpet Spring challenge is due on Tuesday, and it's one I really want to do, so hopefully I'll manage it...

If you want to stamp on Sunday, click here!
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  1. I would LOVE a jumper like this! China Glaze Atlantis is such a beautiful polish. I love what you've done with it. x

  2. lolz @ chunky jumper! I think it totally looks mermaidish/oceany, great job!


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